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Wonder pillow

Product number: 06140   Quantity: 1 pc

A cleaning tool made of a special material; it is suitable for cleaning carefully and wiping without leaving marks.

Shoe cleaning sponge

Product number: 09172   Quantity: 3 pcs

A product made from special quality polyurethane foam, equipped with a black scrubbing surface of good quality, suitable for cleaning shoes and to remove obstinate stains. For delicate surfaces use the sponge part!

Chopped sponge pieces

Product number: 60005   Quantity: 1 pc

Chopped sponge clippings for filling pillows and cushions, wadding gaps and lining.

Colorcatcher Wonderbag

Product number: 52154   Quantity: 1 pc

The Colorcatcher Wonderbag is a revolutionary new product that helps washing different clothes together. The Wonderbag extends the life of clothes. If more than one bag is used during the wash period you save time, energy and water consumption and protect the washing machine filter.

Pan Guard

Product number: 52147   Quantity: 2 pcs

The Pan Guard protects the stacked pans, bowls and containers from damage, so they do not not scratch eachother, anti-adhesion or enamel surfaces are not violated, kitchen tools last longer.