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Special Wiping Cloths

Microfibre multipurpose cloth

Product number: 07147   Quantity: 1 pc

Microfibre wiping cloth of excellent quality, suitable for general use. With this product you’ll be able to clean and wipe even without the use of a cleaning agent thoroughly and mark free. Use it wet.

Microfibre wiping cloth for glass surfaces

Product number: 07178   Quantity: 1 pc

Wiping cloth made of a special microfibre material, suitable for cleaning delicate glass surfaces mark free and streak free. Use it wet and without a cleaning agent.

Microplush wiping cloth

Product number: 08120   Quantity: 1 pc

Premium quality microplush wiping cloth made from the newest, most outstanding materials. Owing to the extra fine fibres, it is suitable for cleaning without the use of a cleaning agent and for wiping drip free. Use it wet.

Window cleaning cloth

Product number: 07161   Quantity: 1 pc

An exceptional cloth with special coating, made of synthetic leather, suitable for cleaning glass surfaces. For wiping exceedingly thoroughly, mark free and streak free. Use it wet, do not dry it in the sun or on the radiator.

Multipurpose cloth with squared pattern

Product number: 07116   Quantity: 1 pc

Fine, light, exceedingly soft micro-perforated domestic wiping cloth, which can be used both dry and wet.

Wiping cloth, premium

Product number: 41110   Quantity: 2 pcs