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Floor mop replacement heads with scouring pad

We had equipped our mops with scrubbers to remove the stubborn dirt. If the mop head is used vertically, it works in the traditional way. If you tilt the head the scrub tiles will be in contact with the floor and remove the most stubborn dirt.


Scrub sponge with extra protective layer

Special quality, flexible and form-retaining sponge with extra quality scrub plus an extra layer of special quality sponge which helps better foaming and prevents incorporation of impurities.


Natural Sponges

Ergonomically designed organic scrub sponges made of natural fiber with matching high-quality polyurethane foam.


Scrub Sponges

Ergonomically designed scrub sponges made from high quality polyurethane foam with scrubber surface against the stubborn dirt.


Wiping cloths

Special quality wiping cloths for general and specific use. Soft, durable and high-quality products with excellent hygroscopic ability.


Product number: 55049A   Quantity: 1 pc


Product number: 55032A   Quantity: 1 pc


Product number: 55025A   Quantity: 1 pc


Product number: 55018A   Quantity: 1 pc


Product number: 06218   Quantity: 3 pcs


Product number: 51201   Quantity: 1 pc


Product number: 021112   Quantity: 10 pcs


Product number: 000676   Quantity: 5 pcs


Eco Natural scrup sponge with copper microparticles

Product number: 08243   Quantity: 3 pcs


Eco Natural scrup sponge with copper microparticles

Product number: 08236   Quantity: 2 pcs

Manufacturer and dealer of sponges, cloths and scouring products


In our supply you can find the most useful products for all household surfaces. Cloths can be used on wet or dry surfaces. Thin, thick, spongy, woven, non-woven, impregnated, patterned, laminated, microfiber all types are a useful partner for cleaning.


We offer powerful tools for removing the most stubborn dirt and excellent tools for deep cleaning of resistant or sensitive surfaces. Sponges, scourers, grill cleaners, metallic scourers and combinations of these are used successfully in all aspects of household.

Floor Cleaning and Maintaining

Our extremely high-quality materials ensure the perfect result and the long lifespan. Floor cleaning cloths and mop heads are available in a wide range in order to select the best and most convenient solution for the perfect result.

Personal Hygiene

Rich supply for personal hygiene. Products made from uniquely soft and delicate ingredients, rich colors, special shapes and combinations of structures ensure the high quality for your convenience.

Car Cleaning

Your car should always shine inside and out! We provide the ideal helpers for it. Sponges, cloths, special vapour cleaners are available for achieving the perfect result.

Organic Products

Take care of the environment, take care of yourself! Our latest product line is your partner in cleaning by the strength and effectiveness of the nature. Cornfiber and hemp fiber are used for these premium products.

Wide range of Products

We produce a wide range of products for washing-up, bathing, general or special cleaning.

High Quality

Thanks to the modern technologies and excellent raw materials we offer extremely high-quality products.

Competitive Prices

We offer our products for our partners on competitive prices and with special discount opportunities.

Flexible Deadlines

From quotation through manufacturing until delivery of our products, each part is treated as flexible as possible.